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Major Areas
1AnalysisLanding spot for a variety of analysis from TextBookDiscrimination.com
2ConstitutionsLanding spot for select constitutions (FL, US)
3CreateLanding spot for the automatic creation of various legal documents
4GlossaryDictionary of legal terms that are pertinent to civil rights litigation
5GuidesTBD's how-to guides for litigating your civil rights case
6HandbooksOfficial handbooks & manuals pertinent to civil rights litigation
7InfoLanding spot for various information on civil rights litigation
8LawsLanding spot for various laws & statutes to help you litigate your case
9NewsLanding spot for news pertinent to civil rights litigation
10OrdersLanding spot for various Orders pertinent to civil rights litigation
11ReportsLanding spot for various reports from this domain
12RulesLanding spot for various rules (civil, etc.) to help you litigate your case
13Samples & FormsLanding spot for various sample legal documents that you can use as models
14SearchesLanding spot for various search Apparatus on TextBookDiscrimination.com
15TablesLanding spot for various lookup tables for civil rights litigation
16TemplatesLanding spot for various templates on this website
Top-3 Pages
1AttorneysUnique, in-depth listing of civil rights attorneys
2FCHR RegulationsLanding spot for the FCHR's Florida Administrative Codes
3Important LinksLanding spot for external links/resources

Textbook Cases of Discrimination
1AllstateReview of a Textbook Case of Employment Discrimination (Makere v Allstate, FL)

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