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United States Constitution

All-in-One Document
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000US ConstitutionAll-in-OnePDF/Page containing the United States Constitution.
001US ConstitutionDisclaimerPDF/Page containing TBD's copy of the United States Constitution.
002Bill of RightsBill of RightsPDF/Page containing the United States Bill of Rights.
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003Preamble US ConstitutionPreambleRead the famous preamble to the US Constitution ("We the People...")

Article I: The Legislative Branch
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100Art. I - US ConstitutionArticle IPDF/Page containing Article I of the United States Constitution.
101Art. I §1 US ConstitutionArticle I §1The Legislature
102Art. I §2 US ConstitutionArticle I §2The House
103Art. I §3 US ConstitutionArticle I §3The Senate
104Art. I §4 US ConstitutionArticle I §4Elections, Meetings
105Art. I §5 US ConstitutionArticle I §5Membership, Rules, Journals, Adjournment
106Art. I §6 US ConstitutionArticle I §6Compensation
107Art. I §7 US ConstitutionArticle I §7Revenue Bills, Legislative Process, Presidential Veto
108Art. I §8 US ConstitutionArticle I §8Powers of Congress
109Art. I §9 US ConstitutionArticle I §9Limits on Congress
110Art. I §10 US ConstitutionArticle I §10Powers Prohibited of States

Article II: The Executive Branch
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200Art. I - US ConstitutionArticle IIPDF/Page containing Article II of the United States Constitution.
201Art. II §1 US ConstitutionArticle II §1The President
202Art. II §2 US ConstitutionArticle II §2Civilian Power over Military, Cabinet, Pardon Power, Appointments
203Art. II §3 US ConstitutionArticle II §3State of the Union, Convening Congress
204Art. II §4 US ConstitutionArticle II §4Disqualification

Article III: The Judicial Branch
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300Art. I - US ConstitutionArticle IIIPDF/Page containing Article III of the United States Constitution.
301Art. III §1 US ConstitutionArticle III §1Judicial Powers
302Art. III §2 US ConstitutionArticle III §2Trial by Jury, Original Jurisdiction, Jury Trials
303Art. III §3 US ConstitutionArticle III §3Treason

Article IV: The States
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400Art. I - US ConstitutionArticle IVPDF/Page containing Article IV of the United States Constitution.
401Art. IV §1 US ConstitutionArticle IV §1Each State to Honor all others
402Art. IV §1 US ConstitutionArticle IV §2State Citizens, Extradition
403Art. IV §1 US ConstitutionArticle IV §3New States
404Art. IV §1 US ConstitutionArticle IV §4Republican Government

Article V: Amendment
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500Art. I - US ConstitutionArticle VPDF/Page containing Article V of the United States Constitution.
501Art. V §1 US ConstitutionArticle V §1Amendment

Article VI: Debts, Supremacy, Oaths
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600Art. I - US ConstitutionArticle VIPDF/Page containing Article VI of the United States Constitution.
601Art. VI §1 US ConstitutionArticle VI §1Debts, Supremacy, Oaths

Article VII: Ratification
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700Art. I - US ConstitutionArticle VIIPDF/Page containing Article VII of the United States Constitution.
701Art. VII §1 US ConstitutionArticle VII §1Ratification

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800Amendments - US ConstitutionAll AmendmentsPDF/Page containing the Amendments to the United States Constitution.
801Amendment 1 US ConstitutionAmendment 1Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression
802Amendment 2 US ConstitutionAmendment 2Right to Bear Arms
803Amendment 3 US ConstitutionAmendment 3Quartering of Soldiers
804Amendment 4 US ConstitutionAmendment 4Search and Seizure
805Amendment 5 US ConstitutionAmendment 5Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings
806Amendment 6 US ConstitutionAmendment 6Right to Speedy Trial, Confrontation of Witnesses
807Amendment 7 US ConstitutionAmendment 7Trial by Jury in Civil Cases
808Amendment 8 US ConstitutionAmendment 8Cruel and Unusual Punishment
809Amendment 9 US ConstitutionAmendment 9Construction of Constitution
810Amendment 10 US ConstitutionAmendment 10Powers of the States and People
811Amendment 11 US ConstitutionAmendment 11Judicial Limits
812Amendment 12 US ConstitutionAmendment 12Choosing the President, Vice-President
813Amendment 13 US ConstitutionAmendment 13Slavery Abolished
814Amendment 14 US ConstitutionAmendment 14Citizenship Rights
815Amendment 15 US ConstitutionAmendment 15Race No Bar to Vote
816Amendment 16 US ConstitutionAmendment 16Status of Income Tax Clarified
817Amendment 17 US ConstitutionAmendment 17Senators Elected by Popular Vote
818Amendment 18 US ConstitutionAmendment 18Liquor Abolished
819Amendment 19 US ConstitutionAmendment 19Women's Suffrage
820Amendment 20 US ConstitutionAmendment 20Presidential, Congressional Terms
821Amendment 21 US ConstitutionAmendment 21Amendment 18 Repealed
822Amendment 22 US ConstitutionAmendment 22Presidential Term Limits
823Amendment 23 US ConstitutionAmendment 23Presidential Vote for District of Columbia
824Amendment 24 US ConstitutionAmendment 24Poll Tax Barred
825Amendment 25 US ConstitutionAmendment 25Presidential Disability and Succession
826Amendment 26 US ConstitutionAmendment 26Voting Age Set to 18 Years
827Amendment 27 US ConstitutionAmendment 27Limiting Congressional Pay Increases
Get booked up on the United States Constitution!

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice in state court and/or DOAH.


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