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Rules Regulating the Florida Bar
That are Pertinent to Pro Se Litigants

Original Source: floridabar.org

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Chapter 3: Rules of Discipline

3-1 | Preamble
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300RRTFB-Ch03Chapter 3 (all-in-one)Chapter 3 of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.
301Rule 3-1.1 RRTFBRule 3-1.1Privilege to Practice
302Rule 3-1.2 RRTFBRule 3-1.2Preamble - Generally
3-2 | Definitions
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304Rule 3-2.1 RRTFBRule 3-2.1Definitions - Generally
3-3 | Jurisdiction to Enforce Rules
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305Rule 3-3.1 RRTFBRule 3-3.1Supreme Court of Florida; Disciplinary Agencies
306Rule 3-3.2 RRTFBRule 3-3.2Board of Governors of the Florida Bar
307Rule 3-3.3 RRTFBRule 3-3.3Counsel for the Florida Bar
308Rule 3-3.4 RRTFBRule 3-3.4Grievance Committees
309Rule 3-3.5 RRTFBRule 3-3.5Circuit Court Jurisdiction
3-4 | Standards of Conduct
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310Rule 3-4.1 RRTFBRule 3-4.1Notice and Knowledge of Rules; Jurisdiction over Lawyers of Other...
311Rule 3-4.2 RRTFBRule 3-4.2Rules of Professional Conduct
312Rule 3-4.3 RRTFBRule 3-4.3Misconduct and Minor Misconduct
313Rule 3-4.4 RRTFBRule 3-4.4Criminal Misconduct
314Rule 3-4.5 RRTFBRule 3-4.5Removal from Judicial office by the Supreme Court of Florida
315Rule 3-4.6 RRTFBRule 3-4.6Discipline by Foreign or Federal Jurisdiction; Choice of Law
316Rule 3-4.7 RRTFBRule 3-4.7Oath
317Rule 3-4.8 RRTFBRule 3-4.8Consent Agreement
3-5 | Types of Discipline
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318Rule 3-5.1 RRTFBRule 3-5.1Types of Discipline - Generally
319Rule 3-5.2 RRTFBRule 3-5.2Emergency Suspension and Interim Probation or Interim Placement...
320Rule 3-5.3 RRTFBRule 3-5.3Diversion of Disciplinary Cases to Practice and Professionalism...
321Rule 3-5.4 RRTFBRule 3-5.4Publication of Discipline
3-6 | Employment of Certain Attorneys or Former Attorneys
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322Rule 3-6.1 RRTFBRule 3-6.1Employment of Certain Attorneys or Former Attorneys - Generally
3-7 | Procedures
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323Rule 3-7.1 RRTFBRule 3-7.1Procedures - Confidentiality
324Rule 3-7.2 RRTFBRule 3-7.2Procedures on Criminal or Professional Misconduct; Discipline on...
325Rule 3-7.3 RRTFBRule 3-7.3Review of Inquiries, Complaint Processing, and Initial...
326Rule 3-7.4 RRTFBRule 3-7.4Grievance Committee Procedures
327Rule 3-7.5 RRTFBRule 3-7.5Procedures Before the Board of Governors
328Rule 3-7.6 RRTFBRule 3-7.6Procedures Before a Referee
329Rule 3-7.7 RRTFBRule 3-7.7Procedures Before Supreme Court of Florida
330Rule 3-7.8 RRTFBRule 3-7.8Procedures Before a Circuit Court
331Rule 3-7.9 RRTFBRule 3-7.9Consent Judgment
332Rule 3-7.10 RRTFBRule 3-7.10Reinstatement and Readmission Procedures
333Rule 3-7.11 RRTFBRule 3-7.11General Rule of Procedure
334Rule 3-7.12 RRTFBRule 3-7.12Disciplinary Revocation of Admission to the Florida Bar
335Rule 3-7.13 RRTFBRule 3-7.13Incapacity not Related to Misconduct
336Rule 3-7.14 RRTFBRule 3-7.14Florida Statutes Superseded
337Rule 3-7.15 RRTFBRule 3-7.15Reserved for Future Use
338Rule 3-7.16 RRTFBRule 3-7.16Limitation on Time to Open Investigation
339Rule 3-7.17 RRTFBRule 3-7.17Vexatious Conduct and Limitation on Filings

Chapter 4: Rules of Professional Conduct

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400RRTFB-Ch04Chapter 4 (all-in-one)Chapter 4 of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.
4-1 | Client-Lawyer Relationship
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402Rule 4-1.1 RRTFBRule 4-1.1Competence
403Rule 4-1.2 RRTFBRule 4-1.2Objectives and Scope of Representation
404Rule 4-1.3 RRTFBRule 4-1.3Diligence
405Rule 4-1.4 RRTFBRule 4-1.4Communication
406Rule 4-1.5 RRTFBRule 4-1.5Fees and Costs for Legal Services
407Rule 4-1.6 RRTFBRule 4-1.6Confidentiality of Information
408Rule 4-1.7 RRTFBRule 4-1.7Conflict of Interest; Current Clients
409Rule 4-1.8 RRTFBRule 4-1.8Other Transactions
410Rule 4-1.9 RRTFBRule 4-1.9Conflict of Interest; Former Client
411Rule 4-1.10 RRTFBRule 4-1.10Imputation of Conflicts of Interest; General Rule
412Rule 4-1.11 RRTFBRule 4-1.11Special Conflicts of Interest for Former and Current Government...
413Rule 4-1.12 RRTFBRule 4-1.12Former Judge or Arbitrator, Mediator or Other Third-Party Neutral
414Rule 4-1.13 RRTFBRule 4-1.13Organization as Client
415Rule 4-1.14 RRTFBRule 4-1.14Client Under a Disability
416Rule 4-1.15 RRTFBRule 4-1.15Safekeeping Property
417Rule 4-1.16 RRTFBRule 4-1.16Declining or Terminating Representation
418Rule 4-1.17 RRTFBRule 4-1.17Sale of Law Practice
419Rule 4-1.18 RRTFBRule 4-1.18Duties to Prospective Client
420Rule 4-1.19 RRTFBRule 4-1.19Collaborative Law Process in Family Law
4-2 | Counselor
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420Rule 4-2.1 RRTFBRule 4-2.1Adviser
421Rule 4-2.2 RRTFBRule 4-2.2Open/Vacant
422Rule 4-2.3 RRTFBRule 4-2.3Evaluation for Use by Third Persons
423Rule 4-2.4 RRTFBRule 4-2.4Lawyer Serving as Third-Party Neutral
4-3 | Advocate
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424Rule 4-3.1 RRTFBRule 4-3.1Meritorious Claims and Contentions
425Rule 4-3.2 RRTFBRule 4-3.2Expediting Litigation
426Rule 4-3.3 RRTFBRule 4-3.3Candor Toward the Tribunal
427Rule 4-3.4 RRTFBRule 4-3.4Fairness to Opposing Party and Counsel
428Rule 4-3.5 RRTFBRule 4-3.5Impartiality and Decorum of the Tribunal
429Rule 4-3.6 RRTFBRule 4-3.6Trial Publicity
430Rule 4-3.7 RRTFBRule 4-3.7Lawyer as Witness
431Rule 4-3.8 RRTFBRule 4-3.8Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor
432Rule 4-3.9 RRTFBRule 4-3.9Advocate in Nonadjudicative Proceedings
4-4 | Transactions with Persons Other than Client
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433Rule 4-4.1 RRTFBRule 4-4.1Truthfulness in Statements to Others
434Rule 4-4.2 RRTFBRule 4-4.2Communication with Person Represented by Counsel
435Rule 4-4.3 RRTFBRule 4-4.3Dealing with Unrepresented Persons
436Rule 4-4.4 RRTFBRule 4-4.4Respect for Rights of Third Persons
4-5 | Law Firms and Associations
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437Rule 4-5.1 RRTFBRule 4-5.1Responsibilities of Partners, Managers, and Supervisory Lawyers
438Rule 4-5.2 RRTFBRule 4-5.2Responsibilities of a Subordinate Lawyer
439Rule 4-5.3 RRTFBRule 4-5.3Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyer Assistants
440Rule 4-5.4 RRTFBRule 4-5.4Professional Independence of a Lawyer
441Rule 4-5.5 RRTFBRule 4-5.5Unlicensed Practice of Law; Multijurisdictional Practice of Law
442Rule 4-5.6 RRTFBRule 4-5.6Restrictions on Right to Practice
443Rule 4-5.7 RRTFBRule 4-5.7Responsibilities Regarding Nonlegal Services
444Rule 4-5.8 RRTFBRule 4-5.8Procedures for Lawyers Leaving Law Firms and Dissolution of Law Firms
4-6 | Public Service
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445Rule 4-6.1 RRTFBRule 4-6.1Pro Bono Public Service
446Rule 4-6.2 RRTFBRule 4-6.2Accepting Appointments
447Rule 4-6.3 RRTFBRule 4-6.3Membership in Legal Services Organization
448Rule 4-6.4 RRTFBRule 4-6.4Law Reform Activities Affecting Client Interests
449Rule 4-6.5 RRTFBRule 4-6.5Voluntary Pro Bono Plan
450Rule 4-6.6 RRTFBRule 4-6.6Short-Term Limited Legal Services Programs
4-7 | Information About Legal Services
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451Rule 4-7.1 RRTFBRule 4-7.1Open/Vacant
452Rule 4-7.2 RRTFBRule 4-7.2Open/Vacant
453Rule 4-7.3 RRTFBRule 4-7.3Open/Vacant
454Rule 4-7.4 RRTFBRule 4-7.4Open/Vacant
455Rule 4-7.5 RRTFBRule 4-7.5Open/Vacant
456Rule 4-7.6 RRTFBRule 4-7.6Open/Vacant
457Rule 4-7.7 RRTFBRule 4-7.7Open/Vacant
458Rule 4-7.8 RRTFBRule 4-7.8Open/Vacant
459Rule 4-7.9 RRTFBRule 4-7.9Open/Vacant
460Rule 4-7.10 RRTFBRule 4-7.10Open/Vacant
461Rule 4-7.11 RRTFBRule 4-7.11Application of Rules
462Rule 4-7.12 RRTFBRule 4-7.12Required Content
463Rule 4-7.13 RRTFBRule 4-7.13Deceptive and Inherently Misleading Advertisements
464Rule 4-7.14 RRTFBRule 4-7.14Potentially Misleading Advertisements
465Rule 4-7.15 RRTFBRule 4-7.15Unduly Manipulative or Intrusive Advertisements
466Rule 4-7.16 RRTFBRule 4-7.16Presumptively Valid Content
467Rule 4-7.17 RRTFBRule 4-7.17Payment for Advertising and Promotion
468Rule 4-7.18 RRTFBRule 4-7.18Direct Contact with Prospective Clients
469Rule 4-7.19 RRTFBRule 4-7.19Evaluation of Advertisements
470Rule 4-7.20 RRTFBRule 4-7.20Exemptions from the Filing and Review Requirement
471Rule 4-7.21 RRTFBRule 4-7.21Firm Names and Letterhead
472Rule 4-7.22 RRTFBRule 4-7.22Referrals, Directories and Pooled Advertising
4-8 | Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession
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473Rule 4-8.1 RRTFBRule 4-8.1Bar Admission and Disciplinary Matters
474Rule 4-8.2 RRTFBRule 4-8.2Judicial and Legal Officials
475Rule 4-8.3 RRTFBRule 4-8.3Reporting Professional Misconduct
476Rule 4-8.4 RRTFBRule 4-8.4Misconduct
477Rule 4-8.5 RRTFBRule 4-8.5Jurisdiction
478Rule 4-8.6 RRTFBRule 4-8.6Authorized Business Entities
You're about to get booked up on the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar (which are useful to Pro Se Litigants)!

You may need to reference them to protect yourself from further abuses from the legal system.


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