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(a) Scope of Legal Assistance.
(1) Notice of Appearance. An eligible law student, as described below, acting under a supervising attorney of record, may enter an appearance in this court on behalf of any indigent person, the United States, or a governmental agency in any civil or criminal case, provided that the party on whose behalf the student appears and the supervising attorney of record has consented thereto in writing. The written consent of the party (or the party’s representative) and the supervising attorney of record must be filed with this court.
(2) Briefs. An eligible law student may assist in the preparation of briefs and other documents to be filed in this court, but such briefs or documents must be reviewed, approved entirely, and signed by the supervising attorney of record. Names of students participating in the preparation of briefs may, however, be added to the briefs.
(3) Oral Argument. Except, on behalf of the accused, in a direct appeal from a criminal prosecution, an eligible law student may also participate in oral argument, but only in the presence of the supervising attorney of record.

(b) Law Student Eligibility Requirements.
In order to appear before this court, the law student must:
(1) Be enrolled in a law school approved by the American Bar Association;
(2) Have completed legal studies for which the student has received at least 48 semester hours or 72 quarter hours of academic credit or the equivalent if the school is on some other basis;
(3) Be certified by the dean of the law student’s law school as qualified to provide the legal representation permitted by this rule. This certification, which shall be filed with the clerk, may be withdrawn by the dean at any time by mailing a notice to the clerk or by termination by this court without notice or hearing and without any showing of cause;
(4) Neither ask for nor receive any compensation or remuneration of any kind for the student’s services from the person on whose behalf the student renders services, but this shall not prevent an attorney, legal aid bureau, law school, public defender agency, a State, or the United States from paying compensation to the eligible law student, nor shall it prevent these entities from making proper charges for its services;
(5) Certify in writing that the student has read and is familiar with the Code of Professional Responsibility of the American Bar Association, the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, and the rules of this court; and
(6) File all of the certifications and consents necessary under this rule with the clerk of this court prior to the submission of any briefs or documents containing the law student’s name and the law student’s appearance at oral argument.

(c) Supervising Attorney of Record Requirements.
(1) The supervising attorney of record must be a member in good standing of the bar of this court.
(2) With respect to the law student’s appearance, the supervising attorney of record shall certify in writing to this court that he or she:
(A) consents to the participation of the law student and agrees to supervise the law student;
(B) assumes full, personal professional responsibility for the case and for the quality of the law student’s work;
(C) will assist the student to the extent necessary; and
(D) will appear with the student in all written and oral proceedings before this court and be prepared to supplement any written or oral statement made by the student to this court or opposing counsel.

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