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Original Source: flmd.uscourts.gov

USFLMD Local Rules of Court

US District Court, Florida, Middle District

All-in-One Document
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0000All Local Rules of Court (USFLMD)All-in-One)[Official] PDF containing all of USFLMD's Local Rules.
0001All Local Rules of Court (USFLMD)DisclaimerSingle document/webpage containing all of USFLMD's Local Rules.
Chapter 1: Administration
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0100all Chapter 1 USFLMD Local RulesChapter 1Chapter 1 from USFLMD's Local Rules of Court.
0101Local Rule 1.01Local Rule 1.01Purpose, Scope, and Definitions
0102Local Rule 1.02Local Rule 1.02Authority of United States Magistrate Judges
0103Local Rule 1.03Local Rule 1.03Admiralty and Maritime
0104Local Rule 1.04Local Rule 1.04Divisions and Place to File
0105Local Rule 1.05Local Rule 1.05Docketing and Assignment
0106Local Rule 1.06Local Rule 1.06Removal of an Action from State Court
0107Local Rule 1.07Local Rule 1.07Successive and Other Related Actions
0108Local Rule 1.08Local Rule 1.08Form of a Pleading, Motion, or Other Paper
0109Local Rule 1.09Local Rule 1.09Title of a Pleading, Motion, or Other Paper
0110Local Rule 1.10Local Rule 1.10Filing Proof of Service of Process; Deadline for Default
0111Local Rule 1.11Local Rule 1.11Filing Under Seal in a Civil Action
Chapter 2: Lawyers
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0200all Chapter 1 USFLMD Local RulesChapter 2Chapter 2 from USFLMD's Local Rules of Court.
0201Local Rule 2.01Local Rule 2.01Practice in the Middle District
0202Local Rule 2.02Local Rule 2.02Appearance and Withdrawal of a Lawyer
0203Local Rule 2.03Local Rule 2.03Appearance by a Law Student
0204Local Rule 2.04Local Rule 2.04Discipline
Chapter 3: Motions, Discovery and Pretrial Proceedings
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0300all Chapter 1 USFLMD Local RulesChapter 3Chapter 3 from USFLMD's Local Rules of Court.
0301Local Rule 3.01Local Rule 3.01Motions and Other Legal Memorandums
0302Local Rule 3.02Local Rule 3.02Civil Case Management
0303Local Rule 3.03Local Rule 3.03Disclosure Statement
0304Local Rule 3.04Local Rule 3.04Notice of a Deposition or a Subpoena Duces Tecum
0305Local Rule 3.05Local Rule 3.05Stipulations
0306Local Rule 3.06Local Rule 3.06Final Pretrial Meeting and Statement
0307Local Rule 3.07Local Rule 3.07Exhibits
0308Local Rule 3.08Local Rule 3.08Continuance
0309Local Rule 3.09Local Rule 3.09Notice of Resolution; Dismissal
0310Local Rule 3.10Local Rule 3.10Failure to Prosecute; Dismissal
0311Local Rule 3.11Local Rule 3.11Disclosure in a Criminal Action
0312Local Rule 3.12Local Rule 3.12Discovery of Information from Probation and Pretrial Services
Chapter 4: Alternative Dispute Resolution
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0400all Chapter 1 USFLMD Local RulesChapter 4Chapter 4 from USFLMD's Local Rules of Court.
0401Local Rule 4.01Local Rule 4.01Mediation
0402Local Rule 4.02Local Rule 4.02Mediator
0403Local Rule 4.03Local Rule 4.03Mediation Order
Chapter 5: Court Proceedings
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0500all Chapter 1 USFLMD Local RulesChapter 5Chapter 5 from USFLMD's Local Rules of Court.
0501Local Rule 5.01Local Rule 5.01Broadcasting, Recording, and Photographing
0502Local Rule 5.02Local Rule 5.02Jury Selection and Prohibition of Communication with a Juror
0503Local Rule 5.03Local Rule 5.03Courtroom Decorum
Chapter 6: Special Proceedings
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0600all Chapter 1 USFLMD Local RulesChapter 6Chapter 6 from USFLMD's Local Rules of Court.
0601Local Rule 6.01Local Rule 6.01Temporary Restraining Order
0602Local Rule 6.02Local Rule 6.02Preliminary Injunction
0603Local Rule 6.03Local Rule 6.03In Forma Pauperis Action
0604Local Rule 6.04Local Rule 6.04Action by a Person in Custody
0605Local Rule 6.05Local Rule 6.05Habeas Action Challenging a Death Sentence
0606Local Rule 6.06Local Rule 6.06Marshal’s Deed and a Coast Guard Bill of Sale
Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Rules
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0700all Chapter 1 USFLMD Local RulesChapter 7Chapter 7 from USFLMD's Local Rules of Court.
0701Local Rule 7.01Local Rule 7.01Attorney’s Fees and Expenses
0702Local Rule 7.02Local Rule 7.02Electronics in a Courthouse
0703Local Rule 7.03Local Rule 7.03Court’s Registry
Get booked up on the Local Rules of Court from the US Middle District of Florida (USFLMD).

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice in federal court.


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