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(a) CLERK’S DOCKETING AND ASSIGNMENT. On receipt of an initial paper, the clerk must classify the paper as civil, criminal, or miscellaneous; assign the paper a distinct number; and randomly assign the paper to a district judge, a magistrate judge, or both. The clerk cannot change the initial assignment without an order from the judge or the chief judge. The clerk must report promptly to the chief judge an apparent attempt to evade the random assignment of an initial paper.
(b) VEXATIOUS LITIGANT. A judge can assign review of an initial paper from a vexatious litigant to the judge already designated to review the vexatious litigant’s filings.
(c) ACCEPTANCE OF A PAPER FROM A PERSON IN CUSTODY. The clerk must accept an initial paper from a person in custody even if no filing fee or motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis accompanies the paper.

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