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USFLND Local Rules of Court

US District Court, Florida, Northern District

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000All Local Rules of Court (USFLND)All-in-One[Official] PDF containing all of USFLND's Local Rules.
001All Local Rules of Court (USFLND)DisclaimerSingle document/webpage containing all of USFLND's Local Rules.
Local Rules of Court - US District Court, Florida, Northern District
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101Local Rule 1.1Local Rule 1.1Scope of the Rules; Citation
102Local Rule 2.1Local Rule 2.1Definitions
103Local Rule 3.1Local Rule 3.1Divisions
104Local Rule 4.1Local Rule 4.1Serving Process on Behalf of a Party Proceeding in Forma Pauperis
105Local Rule 5.1Local Rule 5.1Form of Documents
106Local Rule 5.2Local Rule 5.2Civil Cover Sheet
107Local Rule 5.3Local Rule 5.3Paying a Filing Fee or Proceeding in Forma Pauperis
108Local Rule 5.4Local Rule 5.4Electronic Filing
109Local Rule 5.5Local Rule 5.5Sealing Case Files and Documents; Redacting Documents
110Local Rule 5.6Local Rule 5.6Notice of a Prior or Similar Case
111Local Rule 5.7Local Rule 5.7Pro Se Civil-Rights Cases and Collateral Attacks on Criminal...
112Local Rule 5.8Local Rule 5.8Special Procedural and Filing Requirements Applicable to Habeas...
113Local Rule 5.9Local Rule 5.9Trial and Hearing Exhibits
114Local Rule 6.1Local Rule 6.1Extensions of Time and Continuances
115Local Rule 7.1Local Rule 7.1Motions
116Local Rule 7.2Local Rule 7.2Removing a Case from State Court
117Local Rule 11.1Local Rule 11.1Attorneys
118Local Rule 15.1Local Rule 15.1Amending a Pleading
119Local Rule 16.1Local Rule 16.1Rule 26(F) Attorney Conference; Prior Discovery
120Local Rule 16.2Local Rule 16.2Notice of a Settlement or Intent to Plead Guilty or Motion to...
121Local Rule 16.3Local Rule 16.3Mediation
122Local Rule 23.1Local Rule 23.1Class Actions
123Local Rule 24.1Local Rule 24.1Constitutional Challenges to Statutes, Rules, and Ordinances
124Local Rule 26.1Local Rule 26.1Discovery in Civil Cases
125Local Rule 26.2Local Rule 26.2Discovery in Criminal Cases
126Local Rule 41.1Local Rule 41.1Dismissal for Failure to Comply with a Rule or Court Order
127Local Rule 54.1Local Rule 54.1Motions for Attorney’s Fees
128Local Rule 54.2Local Rule 54.2Taxation of Costs
129Local Rule 56.1Local Rule 56.1Summary Judgment Motions
130Local Rule 72.1Local Rule 72.1Authority of United States Magistrate Judges
131Local Rule 72.2Local Rule 72.2Referral of Matters to Magistrate Judges by This Rule
132Local Rule 72.3Local Rule 72.3Specific Referrals of Matters to Magistrate Judges
133Local Rule 72.4Local Rule 72.4Full-Time and Part-Time Magistrate Judges
134Local Rule 73.1Local Rule 73.1Procedures for Consent to Trial Before a Magistrate Judge
135Local Rule 77.1Local Rule 77.1Photographing, Recording, and Broadcasting Proceedings
136Local Rule 77.2Local Rule 77.2Electronic Devices
137Local Rule 77.3Local Rule 77.3Video and Audio Proceedings
138Local Rule 77.4Local Rule 77.4Release of Information in Criminal and Civil Cases
139Local Rule 77.5Local Rule 77.5Marshal to Attend Court
140Local Rule 87.1Local Rule 87.1Appeals in Bankruptcy Cases
141Local Rule 88.1Local Rule 88.1Presentence Investigation Reports, Presentencing Procedures...
142Local Rule 88.2Local Rule 88.2Appeal of a Magistrate Judge’s Rulings in Consent Misdemeanor Cases
143Local Rule 88.3Local Rule 88.3Patent Rules
144Local Rule AddendumAddendumCustomary and Traditional Conduct and Decorum
145Local Rule ALocal Rule AGeneral Provisions
146Local Rule BLocal Rule BAttachment and Garnishment: Special Provisions
147Local Rule CLocal Rule CAction in Rem
148Local Rule DLocal Rule DPossessory, Petitory, and Partition actions
149Local Rule ELocal Rule EActions in Rem and Quasi in Rem: General Provisions
150Local Rule FLocal Rule FActions to Limit Liability
Get booked up on the Local Rules of Court from the US Northern District of Florida (USFLND).

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice in federal court.


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