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USFLSD Local Rules of Court

US District Court, Florida, Southern District

Original Source: flsd.uscourts.gov
All-in-One Document
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000All Local Rules of Court (USFLSD)All-in-One[Official] PDF containing all of USFLSD's Local Rules.
001All Local Rules of Court (USFLSD)DisclaimerSingle document/webpage containing all of USFLSD's Local Rules.
General Ruels
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A00General Rules (USFLSD)General RulesPage containing all of the General Rules in USFLSD's Local Rules.
A01Local Rule --IntroIntroductory Statement
A02Local Rule 1.1Local Rule 1.1Scope of the Local Rules
A03Local Rule 3.1Local Rule 3.1Docketing and Trial
A04Local Rule 3.3Local Rule 3.3Civil Cover Sheet
A05Local Rule 3.8Local Rule 3.8Notice of Transfer of Refiled and Similar Actions and Procedures
A06Local Rule 5.1Local Rule 5.1Filing and Copies
A07Local Rule 5.2Local Rule 5.2Proof of Service and Service by Publication
A08Local Rule 5.3Local Rule 5.3Files and Exhibits
A09Local Rule 5.4Local Rule 5.4Filings Under Seal; Disposal of Sealed Materials
A10Local Rule 7.1Local Rule 7.1Motions, General
A11Local Rule 7.2Local Rule 7.2Motions Pending on Removal or Transfer to This Court
A12Local Rule 7.3Local Rule 7.3Attorneys Fees and Costs
A13Local Rule 7.6Local Rule 7.6Continuances of Trials and Hearings
A14Local Rule 7.7Local Rule 7.7Correspondence to the Court
A15Local Rule 11.1Local Rule 11.1Attorneys
A16Local Rule 15.1Local Rule 15.1Form of a Motion to Amend and its Supporting Documentation
A17Local Rule 16.1Local Rule 16.1Pretrial Procedure in Civil Actions
A18Local Rule 16.2Local Rule 16.2Court Annexed Mediation
A19Local Rule 16.3Local Rule 16.3Calendar Conflicts
A20Local Rule 16.4Local Rule 16.4Notice of Settlement
A21Local Rule 23.1Local Rule 23.1Class Actions
A22Local Rule 24.1Local Rule 24.1Constitutional Challenge to Act of Congress or State Statute
A23Local Rule 26.1Local Rule 26.1Discovery and Discovery Material (Civil)
A24Local Rule 47.1Local Rule 47.1Taxation of Costs for Undue Inconvenience to Juries
A25Local Rule 56.1Local Rule 56.1Motions for Summary Judgment
A26Local Rule 62.1Local Rule 62.1Appeal Bonds or Other Security
A27Local Rule 67.1Local Rule 67.1Court Registry and Writs of Garnishment
A28Local Rule 77.1Local Rule 77.1Photographing, Broadcasting, Televising
A29Local Rule 77.2Local Rule 77.2Release of Information in Criminal and Civil Proceedings
A30Local Rule 87.1Local Rule 87.1Authority of Bankruptcy Judges to Make Local Rules
A31Local Rule 87.2Local Rule 87.2Reference of Bankruptcy Matters
A32Local Rule 87.3Local Rule 87.3Motions for Withdrawal of Reference of Case or Proceeding from...
A33Local Rule 87.4Local Rule 87.4Bankruptcy Appeals
A34Local Rule 87.5Local Rule 87.5Designation of Bankruptcy Judges to Conduct Jury Trials
A35Local Rule 88.1Local Rule 88.1Appointment of Counsel for Indigent Defendants in Criminal...
A36Local Rule 88.2Local Rule 88.2Post Conviction, Habeas Corpus, and Civil Rights Proceedings
A37Local Rule 88.3Local Rule 88.3Petty and Certain Misdemeanor offenses
A38Local Rule 88.5Local Rule 88.5Speedy Trial Reports
A39Local Rule 88.7Local Rule 88.7Retained Criminal Defense Attorneys
A40Local Rule 88.8Local Rule 88.8Presentence Investigations
A41Local Rule 88.9Local Rule 88.9Motions in Criminal Cases
A42Local Rule 88.10Local Rule 88.10Criminal Discovery
A43Local Rule 88.11Local Rule 88.11After Hours Criminal Duty Procedures
Table of Repealed and Relocated Local Rules
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B01Local Rule --TableTable of Repealed and Relocated Localrules
Admiralty and Maritime Rules
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C00General Rules (USFLSD)Admiralty & MaritimePage containing all of USFLSD's Admiralty & Maritime Local Rules.
C01Local Rule ALocal Admiralty Rule AGeneral Provisions
C02Local Rule BLocal Admiralty Rule BAttachment and Garnishment: Special Provisions
C03Local Rule CLocal Admiralty Rule CAction in Rem
C04Local Rule DLocal Admiralty Rule DPossessory, Petitory, and Partition Actions
C05Local Rule ELocal Admiralty Rule EActions in Rem and Quasi in Rem: General Provisions
C06Local Rule FLocal Admiralty Rule FActions to Limit Liability
Magistrate Judge Rules
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D00General Rules (USFLSD)Magistrate Judge RulesPage containing all of the Magistrate Judge in USFLSD's Local Rules.
D01Local Rule 1Magistrate Rule 1Authority of United States Magistrate Judges
D02Local Rule 2Magistrate Rule 2Assignment of Matters to Magistrate Judges
D03Local Rule 3Magistrate Rule 3Procedures Before the Magistrate Judge
D04Local Rule 4Magistrate Rule 4Review and Appeal
Rules Governing the Admission, Practice, Peer Review, and Discipline of Attorneys
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E00General Rules (USFLSD)Lawyer RulesPage containing all of the Lawyer Rules in USFLSD's Local Rules.
E01Local Rule 1Local Lawyer Rule 1Qualifications for Admission
E02Local Rule 2Local Lawyer Rule 2Procedure for Applying for Admission and Proof of Qualifications
E03Local Rule 3Local Lawyer Rule 3Retention of Membership in The Bar of This Court
E04Local Rule 4Local Lawyer Rule 4Appearances
E05Local Rule 5Local Lawyer Rule 5Student Practice
E06Local Rule 6Local Lawyer Rule 6Committee on Attorney Admissions, Peer Review, and Attorney...
E07Local Rule 7Local Lawyer Rule 7Attorneys Convicted of Crimes
E08Local Rule 8Local Lawyer Rule 8Discipline Imposed by Other Courts
E09Local Rule 9Local Lawyer Rule 9Discipline on Consent, Resignation, or inactive Status in Other...
E10Local Rule 10Local Lawyer Rule 10Discipline on Consent While Under Disciplinary Investigation or...
E11Local Rule 11Local Lawyer Rule 11Incapacity
E12Local Rule 12Local Lawyer Rule 12Reinstatement
E13Local Rule 13Local Lawyer Rule 13Duties of the Clerk with Respect to Convictions or Discipline...
E14Local Rule 14Local Lawyer Rule 14Attorneys Specially Admitted
E15Local Rule 15Local Lawyer Rule 15Appointment of Counsel
E16Local Rule 16Local Lawyer Rule 16Service of Paper and Other Notices
Get booked up on the Local Rules of Court from the US Southern District of Florida (USFLSD).

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice in federal court.


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