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Rules of Court
United States Supreme Court

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Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer, etc.)
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000All Rules of Court (US Supreme Court)US Supreme Court[Official] PDF all of the US Supreme Court's Rules.
001All Rules of Court (US Supreme Court)DisclaimerDocument/webpage containing all of the US Supreme Court's Rules.

Title I | The Court
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100USSC Rules - Title ITitle I (all-in-one)Title I of the US Supreme Court's Rules of Court.
101Rule 1 USSC RulesRule 1Clerk
102Rule 2 USSC RulesRule 2Library
103Rule 3 USSC RulesRule 3Term
104Rule 4 USSC RulesRule 4Sessions and Quorum
Title II | Attorneys and Counselors
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200USSC Rules - Title IITitle II (all-in-one)Title II of the US Supreme Court's Rules of Court.
201Rule 5 USSC RulesRule 5Admission to the Bar
202Rule 6 USSC RulesRule 6Argument Pro Hac Vice
203Rule 7 USSC RulesRule 7Prohibition Against Practice
204Rule 8 USSC RulesRule 8Disbarment and Disciplinary Action
205Rule 9 USSC RulesRule 9Appearance of Counsel
Title III | Jurisdiction on Writ of Certiorari
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300USSC Rules - Title IIITitle III (all-in-one)Title III of the US Supreme Court's Rules of Court.
301Rule 10 USSC RulesRule 10Considerations Governing Review on Certiorari
302Rule 11 USSC RulesRule 11Certiorari to a United States Court of Appeals Before Judgment
303Rule 12 USSC RulesRule 12Review on Certiorari: How Sought; Parties
304Rule 13 USSC RulesRule 13Review on Certiorari: Time for Petitioning
305Rule 14 USSC RulesRule 14Content of a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari
306Rule 15 USSC RulesRule 15Briefs in Opposition; Reply Briefs; Supplemental Briefs
307Rule 16 USSC RulesRule 16Disposition of a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari
Title IV | Other Jurisdiction
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400USSC Rules - Title IVTitle IV (all-in-one)Title IV of the US Supreme Court's Rules of Court.
401Rule 17 USSC RulesRule 17Procedure in an Original Action
402Rule 18 USSC RulesRule 18Appeal from a United States District Court
403Rule 19 USSC RulesRule 19Procedure on a Certified Question
404Rule 20 USSC RulesRule 20Procedure on a Petition for an Extraordinary Writ
Title V | Motions and Applications
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500USSC Rules - Title VTitle V (all-in-one)Title V of the US Supreme Court's Rules of Court.
501Rule 21 USSC RulesRule 21Motions to the Court
502Rule 22 USSC RulesRule 22Applications to Individual Justices
503Rule 23 USSC RulesRule 23Stays
Title VI | Briefs on the Merits and Oral Argument
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600USSC Rules - Title VITitle VI (all-in-one)Title VI of the US Supreme Court's Rules of Court.
601Rule 24 USSC RulesRule 24Briefs on the Merits: In General
602Rule 25 USSC RulesRule 25Briefs on the Merits: Number of Copies and Time to File
603Rule 26 USSC RulesRule 26Joint Appendix
604Rule 27 USSC RulesRule 27Calendar
605Rule 28 USSC RulesRule 28Oral Argument
Title VII | Practice and Procedure
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700USSC Rules - Title VIITitle VII (all-in-one)Title VII of the US Supreme Court's Rules of Court.
701Rule 29 USSC RulesRule 29Filing and Service of Documents; Special Notifications; Corporate...
702Rule 30 USSC RulesRule 30Computation and Extension of Time
703Rule 31 USSC RulesRule 31Translations
704Rule 32 USSC RulesRule 32Models, Diagrams, Exhibits, and Lodgings
705Rule 33 USSC RulesRule 33Document Preparation: Booklet Format; 8½-by-11-Inch Paper Format
706Rule 34 USSC RulesRule 34Document Preparation: General Requirements
707Rule 35 USSC RulesRule 35Death, Substitution, and Revivor; Public Officers
708Rule 36 USSC RulesRule 36Custody of Prisoners in Habeas Corpus Proceedings
709Rule 37 USSC RulesRule 37Brief for an Amicus Curiae
710Rule 38 USSC RulesRule 38Fees
711Rule 39 USSC RulesRule 39Proceedings In Forma Pauperis
712Rule 40 USSC RulesRule 40Veterans, Seamen, and Military Cases
Title VIII | Disposition of Cases
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800USSC Rules - Title VIIITitle VIII (all-in-one)Title VIII of the US Supreme Court's Rules of Court.
801Rule 41 USSC RulesRule 41Opinions of the Court
802Rule 42 USSC RulesRule 42Interest and Damages
803Rule 43 USSC RulesRule 43Costs
804Rule 44 USSC RulesRule 44Rehearing
805Rule 45 USSC RulesRule 45Process; Mandates
806Rule 46 USSC RulesRule 46Dismissing Cases
Title IX | Definitions and Effective Date
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900USSC Rules - Title IXTitle IX (all-in-one)Title IX of the US Supreme Court's Rules of Court.
901Rule 47 USSC RulesRule 47Reference to “State Court” and “State Law”
902Rule 48 USSC RulesRule 48Effective Date of Rules
Get booked up on the Rules of Court from the United States Supreme Court!

You may need to reference them during your pursuit of justice in the federal court system.


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