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#LinkDescriptionDate Added
000Homepage FaceliftUpdate to the look & feel of TBD's homepage (see before and after)6/19/2022
002Downloads ServedDiscover how many downloads TBD has served to the public!5/22/2022
003Pages ServedDiscover how many HTML pages TextBookDiscrimination.com has served to the public!5/22/2022
004People ServedDiscover how many different people have been getting booked up on justice!5/22/2022
005Top-10 PagesDiscover the 10 Most-Frequested Pages on TextBookDiscrimination.com5/22/2022
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
101Demographics (DOAH)Demographics analysis on civil rights litigants at DOAH5/29/2022
102Pro Se Status & DemographicsAnalysis on the demographics of pro se civil rights litigants at DOAH6/12/2022
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
How-To Guides
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
501AttorneysListing updated with new attorneys6/19/2022
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
601FARUpdated Entries from the Florida Administrative Register6/12/2022
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
701Graph: Interest Ratesupdated graph for Florida's pre-judgment interest rates6/5/2022
702Table: Interest Ratesupdated lookup table for pre-judgment interest rates6/5/2022
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